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When we leave we travel, we all want to take beautiful photos, but not necessarily to be cluttered with all the equipment that goes with it: reflex camera, lenses, tripod, etc. Today, smartphones are more and more sophisticated and their capabilities are now largely equivalent to those of most compact cameras. We can therefore be content to just leave with our phone, especially since we can add accessories to take better photos. This is what Pixter offers , a young French start-up, which markets lenses and tripods for smartphones. I had the opportunity to test them on my recent trips and I was amazed by the results.

Introducing Pixter smartphone lenses

The Pixter photo props that I tested in this article

Pixter offers several ranges of lenses that you can easily attach to your smartphone with a clamp. Supplied with a carrying case and a cleaning wipe, they are easy to slip into a bag and take up no space. They make it possible to multiply the photographic capacities of telephones with wide angle or zoom functions.

For my part, I opted for two lenses from the “Pro” range: the Wide Angle Pro and the Super Fish Eye Pro , which are at 49.90 euros each, as well as a flexible tripod at 39.90 euros.

There are also two other lenses: the Macro Pro (4.5x zoom) and the Telephoto (2x zoom).

Wide Angle Pro lens test

Testing the Pixter Wide Angle Pro lens at the Château de Chambord (photos taken at the same location)

The Wide Angle lens is really a plus for successful travel photos. With a viewing angle of 100 degrees, it can capture twice the width of the field. It really changes everything when you want to take pictures and you can't go back enough to fit everything into the picture. Here are several examples of what it can give. I went to visit the castles of the Loire and here is the magnificent castle of Chambord. These two photos are taken in the courtyard of the castle and in exactly the same place. We are blocked by the surrounding wall and therefore impossible to move back to take the entire facade. Thanks to the wide angle, we can have it in full.

A beach on Gaya Island in Borneo in Malaysia with and without the Pixter Wide Angle lens

Likewise here in Malaysia in Borneo, to take a picture of this beach, I am on a pontoon jutting out into the sea. Similar, impossible to move back to have a better framing, so thank you for the wide angle which allows me to capture the sea. entire beach.

Euronews headquarters in Lyon, photographed with the large anglo lens

In Lyon, I also took beautiful photos of architecture in the Confluence district. In this photo, I am on the banks of the Saône, so it is impossible to go further either. Without the wide angle, I couldn't take in the whole building.

Super Fish Eye Pro lens review

The Super Fish Eye lens is a fun lens that allows you to take unusual or surprising photos. With its 235-degree viewing angle, it captures a very wide field, with the characteristic circular distortion of the Fish Eye. You have to find the right opportunities to use it because otherwise it can give photos a little weird and distorted. The best playground I have found is the city of Bangkok with its futuristic architecture. With the skyscrapers, you can really have fun taking original and surprising photos.

On the other hand (and this observation also applies to the wide angle), you really have to center the Pixter lens on the phone's photo sensor, otherwise the photos are blurry. It is sometimes necessary to remove the smartphone shell if it is too thick and prevents the lens from being positioned correctly. I do not really recommend the use in selfie mode, that is to say by placing the lens on the other side of the phone: there it is much harder to center the lens properly, and all the photos I took with this mode were blurry. To take selfies, it is better to use the phone with the normal face, and thanks to the wide-angle or fisheye lens, you are necessarily in the field ...

My favorite: the flexible smartphone tripod

Photo taken using the tripod and the bluetooth remote control

So this is an accessory that I will not be able to do without! I often travel alone, and most of the time I have a hard time finding someone who can take pictures of me. It is not always easy to ask someone (when there is someone else, because very often there is no one there) and even so, it is rare that the unknown in question take a good photo, with the framing we expected. This flexible tripod, which can be fixed almost anywhere, and which comes with a bluetooth remote control that allows you to take pictures without having to struggle with the self-timer is therefore a real relief!

It is thanks to this tripod that I was able to take this photo by the swimming pool of my hotel, in Malaysia. So I was able to set the exact framing I wanted, and then I just had to activate the small bluetooth remote control to take the picture once properly installed on the deckchair. It goes without saying that if I had only had ten seconds of the self-timer, it would have been impossible and I would surely have finished in the water fully dressed ...

I really regret not having had this tripod during my trip to Iceland last summer where I was very often alone in the middle of sublime landscapes ...

And you, do you use your smartphone to take your travel photos? Feel free to share your tips and advice if you have any.

This article was written in partnership with Pixter but that does not change my opinion and my appreciations on the products mentioned.

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